"Proactive Approach in Changing Investment Universe"
From investment to support, whatever our profession we willing share a winning philosophy cordialy and commit to create successful and enduring business relationships in order to make a difference in each and every opportunity we work on.
Company Overview

UCP Holdings, Inc. together with its subsidiaries (the “Company”) is a publicly held, U.S. based investment holding company with expertise in a broad range of asset classes.

Our primary objective is positioning ourselves as a leading global investment firm with sustainable and steady growth, a unique, competitive and none to second investment approach, investment deep roots in both public and private equity, diversified capabilities, and an impressive track record. When you partner with UCP, you benefit from decades of financial and operational experience, broad industry knowledge, and a powerful network of global relationships. Through an integrated approach, we work closely with companies and investment partners around the world to deliver flexible capital solutions.

As investors with an industrialist vision, we think long-term, pursue the highest standards of excellence, and align our interests with those of all our investment partners by putting our own capital behind our ideas.

Philosophy at a Glance
  • Distinct investment philosophy based on free-cash-flow generation, its allocation, and an emphasis on portfolio risk management,
  • Seasoned team of investment professionals,
  • Latitude to invest across geographies and the market-cap spectrum, with access to attractively valued stocks regardless of artificial boundaries,
  • Access to a diversified portfolio of companies with attractive return opportunities not necessarily available elsewhere, with many small companies either focused on a product niche or a single local or regional economy,
  • Minimal research coverage, creating opportunities to discover promising but overlooked companies,
  • Cash-flow-oriented approach and relatively low correlation with benchmark complements other managers within an overall asset allocation plan.

We have been thoughtful about our organic growth, entering new markets and businesses where we believe they build on our areas of strengths, intellectual capital, and industry relationships and where attractive opportunities exist to further broaden our asset and investor base. Our expanded focus encompasses exciting and growing areas for UCP: private banking, consumer staples, growth equity investments, and a range of debt and public equity investing.